Q:  What is the difference between Kroozie® 1.0 and the new 2.0 cup holders? 

A:  All Kroozie 2.0 and Kroozie® Deluxe cup holders come with the Kroozie® 2.0 Base or Base System. The 2.0 Base  replaces the old metal base used with Kroozie® 1.0 and Kroozie® XL cup holders. The old base was made to only fit 5/8" thick horizontal handlebars. The new 2.0 Base System fits 5/8" to 1-3/8" thick any angle bars, can rotate 360 degrees to any pitch and adjust 180 degrees for best cup angle. Kroozie® 2.0 comes with Base 2.0 installed ready to mount to horizontal bars. Kroozie® Deluxe comes with Base 2.0 System ready to mount at any angle. Cup size remains unchanged for Kroozie® 2.0 while the new Deluxe is a slightly taller version of the XL model.


Q:  Can I mount my Kroozie® 2.0 vertically too?

A:  Yes but you must ADD the Vertical Mount adapter to unlock "any angle option". The Vertical Mount 2.0 Adapter (sold separately) must be combined with Base 2.0 (included with all Kroozie® 2.0) to allow for any angle installation.


Q:  I have the older Kroozie® 1.0 or Kroozie® XL model, will the new 2.0 Base System work?

A:  Yes! All 2.0 Bases ( Base 2.0, V-Mount 2.0, and Universal Mount) work seamlessly with Kroozi® 1.0 and Kroozie® XL models. Quickly and easily give your existing Kroozie® products all the new capabilities of the 2.0 Base System. Simply remove the old metal base and replace with new 2.0 Base of your choice. Learn more about Kroozie® 2.0 base and adapter options here


Q:  What can The Kroozie® 2.0 hold?

A:  Just about any can up to 16 oz. and some cases bigger -bottled water, coffee cups, etc ... see the Kroozie® 2.0 specifications page for exact interior dimensions and capacity.


Q:  What can The Kroozie® Deluxe hold?

A:  Same as the Kroozie®XL,  drinks up to 48 oz. and in some cases even more ... see the Deluxe specifications page for exact interior dimensions and capacity.


Q:  Are Kroozie® cup holders stainless steel? 

A:  Yes. All Kroozie® brand drink holders feature a stainless steel cup. Almost every piece of the Kroozie® is stainless steel.  The Kroozie® is the only beach cruiser cupholder on the market made with stainless steel parts and hardware. The new Patented 2.0 Mounting System is not stainless steel, but is instead made with extremely durable high grade UV plastic for maximum life in outdoor environments. All screws, fasteners, and internal parts are stainless steel.


 Q:  When I touch a colored Kroozie® 2.0 and Kroozie® Deluxe , it doesn't sound like metal ... is it stainless steel?

A:  All Kroozie® drink holders are constructed with stainless steel.  To color we add powder coat which adds an extra layer of durability.  While it may not feel or sound like metal, it is a stainless steel cup underneath.


Q:  How soon will my order ship?

A:  Most orders placed before 2pm (EST) ship same day, but not later than 24hours. Orders placed after 2pm ship before end of next business day. We ship Monday-Friday. Weekend orders typically ship Monday evening or Tuesday morning.


Q:  How long till I receive my order?

A:   This depends greatly on your selected shipping method. Standard ground shipping east of Texas will usually take 2-4 days. West of Texas to the West Coast will take 5-7 days.


Q:  Can I return my purchase if I don't like it?

A:   Of course. We take pride in our products as well as our customer service. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, and you bought from www.kroozie.com or www.kroozercups.com please contact "returns@kroozercups.com" to schedule your return or exchange. Please include your order#, name and shipping address. If your product is defective we will happily ship you a replacement at no cost to you. For all other returns we can refund your purchase price minus shipping. For orders NOT made on this website, please refer to selling merchant's return policy.


Q: Do you ship outside the US and if so, for how much?

A: Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world. How much it will cost depends greatly on where but typically ranges from $5-$20. If shipping rates are not available for your country please send your complete address to   "service@kroozercups.com" and we will quote your shipping cost.


Q:  How can I tell the difference between Kroozie® brand cup holders and imitations?

A:  Make sure the cup you buy comes in  a Box with the The Kroozie® "®" or "™" logo...and not in a zip-lock bag or no packaging at all. Knock offs will often hang upside down on a hook. Make sure that the cup has no visible weld scars along the inside or as a ring on the bottom. Welds are a weak point where metal will most often rust. A knock off with a weld inside down the side or inside around the base will "blowout" sometimes in a matter of months. Kroozies are extruded from one piece of metal eliminating the need to weld. Look for the Kroozie® logo. It is printed in white on all Kroozie® 1.0 metal bases and embossed on all 2.0 bases. Look for stainless steel screws and parts. Knock offs will use nickle or other metals that look like stainless steel but will rust in a mater of weeks. When in doubt, just ask your salesperson or online store in writing. Kroozie® is protected under US Patent # 10,309,584, to report patent infringement please email sales@kroozercups.com.


Q:  How do I become a re-seller of Kroozer Cups USA products?

A:  We work with both distributors and independent retailers across the US and around the world. If you'd like to partner with us we'd like to hear from you. Please visit our wholesale information page.


Q:  I still have a question, how can I reach Kroozer Cups USA?

A:  For the fastest response write to service@kroozercups.com or post a question on our Facebook Fan Page.